"John Welton has been my doctor of music for the last several years, and I've been in perfect health ever since coming under his care. And now his new band The Awakening has been advancing the science of musical medicine even Furthur than he'd gone before. John is the best non-household-name songwriter in America today, and has mastered the poetry of storytelling. Jack Kerouac said a novel should be written like it's somebody sitting next to you in a bar telling you a long wild tale — and John has achieved that in songwriting. He can be a comic, a prophet, a coach, and a best friend — all in one song. He can capture your own inner monolog and sing it into a microphone right before your eyes. He can make you dance when you're dead and dream when you're awake. If van Gogh or George Carlin were musicians, they'd sound like John Welton. If I ever put a bumper sticker on my car, it would read, "I'd rather be Awakening." If there's a God in Heaven, He's got John Welton on His iPod. And if there's trouble on Earth, I know where there's one sure cure."
-Brian Hassett
Author of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Jack Kerouac" and "How The Beats Begat The Pranksters"

Moe Angelo

The Awakening is:
Brad Kepperley - Trombone, Vocals
Steve Horvath - Guitar, Vocals
Jeremy Canonico - Bass, Mandolin, Vocals
Drew Austin - Drums, Percussion
"Dancin'" Chuck Mayfield - Lenses, Flashes, Youtuba
Moe Angelo - Lights, Lasers, Art, the occasional Backup Vocal
John Welton - Guitar, Vocals
and YOU!