John Welton & The Awakening

Uplifting Musical Medicine


John Welton has been crafting his song-writing, and curating his live performances for the better part of 25 years, but John and the Awakening’s natural connection to any audience is what ultimately breaks down the wall between performer and crowd. It’s what helps catch the sometimes fleeting seeds of human connection that occur between them, and allows the group to begin nurturing them into a blossoming friendship from the first note.

"Still I'll keep holding on to this pipe dream. I'll keep on believing that my goals aren't as far out of reach as they seem. I think I understand now, it's not the singer it's the song. With the purest of intentions how could it go wrong? "

-John Welton from "Another Dreamer"


The Awakening is:

Brad Kepperley – Trombone, Vocals
Steve Horvath – Guitar, Vocals
Jeremy Canonico –  Bass, Mandolin, Vocals
Drew Austin – Drums, Percussion
“Dancin'” Chuck Mayfield – Lenses, Flashes, Youtuba
Moe Angelo – Lights, Lasers, and the occasional Backup Vocal
John Welton – Guitar, Vocals
and YOU!

John Welton & Friends are:

An ever-fluid, acoustic-focused, request-driven live show that is always evolving.

Lyndsey Stropkey – Vocals
Brad Kepperley – Trobone, Vocals
Jeremy Canonico – Drums, Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
John Welton – Guitar, Vocals

A rotating cast of characters
and YOU!